Kimberly Thompson: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

A jazz drummer who worked with Beyoncé claims the singer practiced “extreme witchcraft, dark magic” and “magic spells of sexual molestation” and, Kimberly Thompson alleged Beyoncé killed her kitten, according to a report from The Blast.

Thompson, a professional musician and music educator according to her website and Facebook page, with her own music company and albums on iTunes worked for Beyoncé for several years. The Blast reported that based on court records it says it obtained, Thompson alleged the singer harassed her with witchcraft, tapped her phone and controlled her money. The website shows screenshots of hand-written court documents. The allegations were made, it’s reported, as part of a request for a court to grant Thompson a restraining order against the ‘Lemonade’ singer. Thompson’s request for a temporary restraining order was denied by a judge, it was reported reported.

As the news was circulating Thursday, DK John Quick of the legendary radio station WBLS in New York City tweeted Thompson was a “former artistic partner” and he suggested that she was perhaps struggling with mentally illness.

“Many of y’all know that mental health in the black community is something I talk about often. It breaks my heart to hear and see one of my former artistic partners, Kim…”

Here’s what you need to know about Thompson:

1. A Jazz Drummer From St. Louis, Thompson Has Played & Recorded With Jazz, R&B & Hip-Hop Legends

Born in Los Angeles and raised in St. Louis, Thompson said she didn’t come from a musical family but it was clear from a young age she had a talent for drumming she said in an interview. She ended up at the Manhattan School of Music and earned a bachelor’s degree in jazz composition and music education.

She began performing at 17, her Facebook bio reads. She has won three Grammy awards, was the original house drummer for “Late Night With Seth Meyers,” and won a Society of European Stage Authors and Composers for music composition for TV work.

Her bio also reads that she was “completing a musical produced by The Dodgers & Tommy Mottolla ‘Summers’ The Donna Summer Musical.”

Thompson has played with jazz guitarist Mike Stern, jazz trumpeter Wallace Roney and legend jazz composer and pianist Kenny Barron. And Beyoncé.

2. Thompson Was Part of Beyonce’s All-Female Band ‘Sugar Mama’

‘The Beyoncé Experience’ was the third concert tour for the singer and promoted her studio album ‘B’Day.’ It featured the all-female band Sugar Mama which included Thompson.

The band members were chosen after auditions with Beyoncé and her father Matthew Knowles. In Thompson’s ‘About’ section on her Facebook, she lists her work as a drummer for Mrs. Carter at the bottom of the long list of other artists with whom she performed and recorded and refers to her as a “music icon.”

3. Thompson Set Some Social to Private, But Her Public Facebook, Tumblr & YouTube Are Focused on Her Music Career But Also Include Spiritual Subjects

On her Tumblr page she promotes her music ans shares videos of performances. On her YouTube channel same but also snippets of her life, some very personal and a few perhaps best described as eccentric. Her Instagram page was private before news broke about her allegations against Beyoncé. But her Twitter was public and filled with posts nearly daily almost exclusively about her music and God, divinity and goddesses and about turning away from evil and mean people.

This photograph was posted to her Twitter recently. Her tweets have since been protected.

Kimberly Thompson

On her YouTube channel, she has videos dating back nine years. In recent uploads, she reads Psalms and plays acoustic guitar. She also shared a recent video where she takes a morning run and then shares insight on how to “pray and prophesize” wearing a hat for women and sans one for men.

“Healthy living can become contagious if we all do our own individual part in the practice of ‘Self Love.’ Awareness of the properties we expedite can substantially validate the changes we need to make to prolong our lives as a species. Daily walking and running, and pure education on our food and drinks to eliminate waste from parasitic ailments. The Sun is a HUGE healing factor providing safety with in the Temple of God,” she wrote.

“The Body of God that God has provided for you specifically thru his love & power for you. ANY day that God provides IS a great day, & I hope that you WILL rejoice and be glad IN it. Thank God for your fountain of faith & truth for all things are and come by you oh Divine & Most High. Thank you for your unconditional love. ”

4. Thompson Describes Herself as a Music Educator & Features Her ‘Music Time + Kids Series’on YouTube

“KT Music High School is so cool,” the animated video starts with accompanying drums. “Let’s learn about music and be awesome together.”

Thompson has produced a series of music education videos for children and teens with herself as the teacher. “Learning about what you love is awesome. My mom and aunt were right,” she explains to kids that may be watching as she shares technique for holding drum sticks.

“At “KTMUSIC HIGHSCHOOL” are working hard to discover how to play & learn more about the #drums *Can you help them solve the” Music Time ” classroom question of the day? See yah in class!”

Thompson also has an album available on iTunes called ‘A Child’s Eyes’ with songs like “Spaghetti & Ice Cream” a funky upbeat, albeit short, instrumental.

And then there’s the ethereal long-form jazz freestyle called “Mom.”

5. Thompson is Her Own Producer With Company KT Music Productions. Her Records are on iTunes & Spotify

Thompson is constantly creating music. Her YouTube channel and other platform are chock-a-block with msuic she’s created, some hard to describe; some jazz, some a mix of jazz, hip-hop and experimental stuff, all eclectic.

She’s the CEO of her own music production company with a recent release called ‘Treasures Abound,’ a jazz album. She describes her work as “dynamic drumming and arranging of jazz and Walt Disney’s musical selections recorded by jazz giant Miles Davis, Bill Evans, & Thelonious Monk, classical etudes and jazz original songs written & performed” with her pwn jazz quartet.

In January she released ‘Treasures Abound,’ a jazz album.

Her latest album is a hip-hop record called “My Situation” and features rappers ‘Twin Hype,’ a trio out of New Jersey.

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