13 Tombstones with a Hilarious Twist

Death is something we all have to face eventually. Some people use their headstone’s epitaph to express how much they’ll be missed, while others see it as a chance for one last joke. Here’s a collection of funny tombstones that will keep people laughing forever.

The Couple That Laughs Together…

Via Reddit

Yes, you read that correctly. One of these grave markers has the classic funny saying, “I told you I was sick.” But this couple added to it with her response: “And I was sick of hearing it.”

Merv Griffin Never Lost His Sense of Humor

Via Pinterest

The famous game show host, Merv Griffin, couldn’t resist leaving with a joke. His tombstone humorously says, “I will not be back after this message.”

Simply Not Bothered

Via Pinterest

“Oh well, whatever.” Lola lived until she was 81 years old. When it was time to decide what to put on her headstone, it seemed she had no deep thoughts left.

“That’s All, Folks”

Via Reddit

Mel Blanc was the genius behind characters like Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd, Daffy Duck, and Porky Pig. He was known as the man with a thousand voices. So, it’s fitting that he chose to be remembered with one of Porky Pig’s famous lines.

Another Round of Giggles

Via Shareology

Life is too short to always be serious, and it seems that also applies to death.

Don’t Forget the Fine Print

Via Reddit

You have to stand really close to this headstone to read it. Once you do, you’ll see it says, “If you can read this, you’re standing on my boobs.”

Now That’s Saying Something

Via Reddit

“Managed to raise four lovely daughters with just one bathroom, and there was still love.” Sure, there might have been some arguments, but let’s remember the love.

A Dedicated Golfer to the End

Via NY Post

“On his headstone, this funny guy wrote, ‘Finally a hole in one.’ That’s the kind of dry humor you’d expect from a golfer.”

Once a Computer Geek, Always a Computer Geek

Via Oddee 

An IT guy managed to slip in one last nerdy computer joke.

Smart Aleck

Via Imgur

“This is for the person who wants to have the final laugh and the final say.”

I See What You Did There

Via Bored Panda

“If you live with a name like ‘Yeast,’ you’ve likely heard all the bread jokes. Might as well embrace it.”

Ouija Board Headstone

Via Flickr

Ideal for those who struggle with farewells.

Well, When You Put It That Way

Via Reddit

“I arrived here without asking and I depart without agreeing.” That sums up life pretty well, doesn’t it?

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