Best Snowboarding Flicks to Enjoy on Netflix

Netflix isn’t just for binge-watching TV shows or catching up on movies you missed in theaters. It also has exciting snowboarding movies that’ll make you eager to hit the slopes in winter or satisfy your snowboarding cravings when it’s not snowing. These are the best snowboarding movies and documentaries currently available on Netflix. Higher (2014) … Read more

13 Tombstones with a Hilarious Twist

Death is something we all have to face eventually. Some people use their headstone’s epitaph to express how much they’ll be missed, while others see it as a chance for one last joke. Here’s a collection of funny tombstones that will keep people laughing forever. The Couple That Laughs Together… Yes, you read that correctly. … Read more

You Won’t Believe These INSANELY Funny Coincidences! (Seriously, Glitch in the Matrix?)

In the movie “The Matrix,” everything is fake and controlled by computers. So when weird stuff happens, like seeing strangers wearing the same clothes, it’s not a coincidence! It’s a “glitch,” a mistake in the computer program. Some people think real life is like that too, with strange coincidences being little “glitches” in our world. … Read more

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