30 Hilarious Travel Photo Fails

Everybody in this world loves to travel. It gives a feeling of having set something free. Moreover, our ancestors have always advocated us to undertake trips from time to time. That’s because it increases our knowledge and changes our perspective and mindset towards life. This is why people save money and then splurge it all over a dream trip, just so that they can see some far corner of the world. They also take photographs, as memories, of that wonderful experience and show(or show off) these reminiscences of these voyages to their near and dear ones. But what if something goes wrong?

1. Finally, This Man Got To See The Golden Gate Bridge


This man wanted to click a picture of himself at the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco in California. The Golden Gate Bridge is a sort of a landmark that has become synonymous with the city of San Francisco and attracts a lot of visitors. It has been also a hotspot for some crackheads to jump off it. This man would be compelled to take a jump because all he was able to capture was a foggy background with not even a speck of the bridge. Care to look at the weather beforehand?

2. Woke Up Early To See Machu Picchu In The Morning?


As you can see weather can play quite the spoilsport when you go for a trip, especially if you are traveling overseas. You should research about the weather in advance. You never know what you are going to experience once you reach the spot. This person here wanted to take a picture of the renowned Machu Picchu relic, but he got the snap of llama instead!

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