30 Top Embarrassing Moments For Celebs

It’s great to be a celebrity because it gives a person immense popularity. On the other hand, it has its own pitfalls. Being a celeb means that you are under a scanner at all times. There are some incidents that show that these celebs are not as perfect as we envision them to be. They have some embarrassing moments in their lives that they wished never happened in the first place itself.

1. Demi Lovato And Her Tampon Stuffed Nose

Demi Lovato is young and at times she does a lot of senseless things. Like in this picture, she has stuffed tampons in her nostrils to fight the cold. Yes, noses drip when you have flu. But who puts tampons in the nose to stop the dripping? Come on Demi, the doctors advise against that because it is going to bolster the infection even more.

2. Was Christina Aguilera Taking A Leak While Giving A Tribute To Etta James?

Christina was paying her respect to the Etta James on her funeral. But midway during the show a brownish-liquid was seen trickling down her legs. Looking at her emotion, one cannot help but think that she badly needed to go to the loo or was that tan lotion dripping down her legs? Whatever be the case, the actual answer lies with Christina, who knows exactly what it was.

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