Saida Mickeviciute is a beauty guru who can transform herself into just about anything. She is 22 years old and hails from Lithuania. However, she currently lives in London and has filled up her Instagram with so many pictures of herself dressed up and transformed into various animals and her favorite movie characters. These are quite impressive and surely show us that Saida is quite talented.

Spooky Spider

Saida has covered her face fully with makeup. It is really scary at first but it is surely going to win competitions at Halloween. Saida really loves spooky things and it is quite clear when she tried to petrify us with her scary spider look.



Everyone loved the movie Annabelle and that was precisely because it was really spooky and scary. Seeing a doll come to life is right out of the horror movie and when Saida decided to dress up as Annabelle, she did not leave the makeup behind, drawing in additional lashes and stitching up her lips just right.


There are many people in the world who are scared of clowns. This picture is not going to help their fears in any way. Imagine if you are out on the streets and Saida comes up to you with this face makeup. Surely you would be spooked out of your mind.

The Winter Queen

Saida Mickeviciute adopted the makeup of Elsa from Frozen and we are sure that if the winter queen was real, she would certainly look like this. The blue marks sure look chilly and the rosy red lips just show attention to detail.

Woman In A Man’s World

Just a few centuries ago, women used to dress up as men so that they would be treated fairly. Shakespeare embodied the same idea in many of his plays as well. Saida seems to be taking on the same idea and has perfectly put on her makeup. That beard seems to be quite real.

Going For The Wood

At first glance, you may not be able to tell which character has Saida embodied this time. However, if you look closely, you will see that this is a modern take on the Nutcracker and clearly, a lot of effort has gone into perfecting the makeup.

Freaky Porcelain Doll

Imagine you are walking down the street and a person dressed as such comes up to you asking for the time. Just one look into those bleeding eyes is enough to give you nightmares for life or even drive you insane.

The Jigsaw Killer


SAW was quite a movie and it is one of the best movies to watch during a sleepover. Saida seems to have embodied the spirit of the Jigsaw killer since her eyes look a tad bit too murdery.

Take Your Heart Away


How many times have you had your heart broken? It feels like there is a huge cavity in your chest after you fail in love. Everything seems hollow and life ceases to have any meaning. It seems like Saida is feeling the same way.

Wiped Face


This is one of the lesser complicated looks that Saida has adopted for herself. On the outside, it simply looks like a lot of white powder on the face that is being wiped off with a wet napkin.

A Mechanical Assassin


This looks to be one of the most complicated looks for Saida. She has done on brass goggles to complete the look of someone who is made up of mechanical parts and likes speed. The bullet around her neck shows us that this is a killer look.

Sloth Or Saida?


WOW! Saida has completely nailed this look and at first glance, we were not sure whether this was makeup or a real sloth. We are sure that this look was quite complicated since it is not easy to transfer yourself into an animal.

Button For Eyes


Saida pays a lot of attention to detail and it is reflected in this picture. You would not believe that everything that she does is self-taught and she started to indulge in this activity when she was 19 and started posting pictures on her Instagram.

Saida Scissorhands


It seems like Saida is obsessed with Tim Burton when she decided to dress up as his favorite character, Edward Scissorhands. Everything is perfect, right down to the makeup, hair, and the marks on the face.

Scary Bunny


When you celebrate Easter, a scary and horrific bunny is not the way to go. However, it seems like Saida is not scared of showing her dark side and going all horror on everyone who follows her on Instagram.

Hopping Around The Block


This is a normal bunny for all the people who were too scared of the Easter Bunny. It is quite difficult to get all the makeup right but it seems like it is not a problem for Saida.

Cruella de Vil


Go hide your dogs because this character has come to life and is surely going after all the dalmatians. Saida looks absolutely stunning and scary at the same time and it is a transformation that is true to itself.

Gollum For The Win


Sméagol from the Lord of the Rings transformed into Gollum because he got too greedy and did not want to share his Precious. However, Saida was not greedy and just wanted to show the world that it is easy to bring characters to life.

Beautiful & Scary


This look is hauntingly beautiful. There are just so many eyes on the costume and it seems like all of them are looking right into your soul. The electric blue color is surely one of the most beautiful things that we have ever seen.

Head Injury


This is quite a creepy look and yet, for some unknown reason, you want to reach out and help her. There is blood everywhere and the contact lens wants you to keep looking at her.

Drinking Blood


Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder and this look is truly beautiful if you take away the horrific set of teeth. However, if you were a vampire, you would surely have fallen in love with her here.

A Mutant Look


This full-body makeup is quite difficult to perfect but it seems like Saida did not have any problem with it at all. Her talent helped her to transform herself into a dalmatian and it seems rather ironic that Saida had dressed up as Cruella de Vil too.

ExtraTerrestial Much?


Those horns really seem to be working with the look. They are made out of hot glue and we can imagine how painful it might have been for Saida to attach the horns to her head. The look is completed with a wig and fake eyelashes.



When the TV show came out, everyone was dressing up and putting on the makeup from the show. Saida decided to do the same but with an added twist of her own. Her look is crying and the tears are rather shiny and creating her face into a large disco ball.

The Valentine Look


This is a look that you can try out at home and even wear it to a date with your lover. The hearts are drawn under the eyes give Saida a lovable look and they show us that the look is just perfect for Valentines.

Masterpiece Indeed


This is indeed a masterpiece and if there was ever a competition for the best face makeup, we are sure that Saida would have grabbed the first position with this look. A lot of work has gone into completing this look and we praise the talent.

The Wicked Witch


The crooked nose, the long nails, the black hair, the top hat, and the wrinkles around the eyes were all the features that we saw on the Wicked Witch from the Wizard of Oz. Saida really has a dark side when it comes to portraying the different characters since her choices are rather horrific.



This transformation is totally inhumane. If Saida’s facial features were also covered, we would never have been able to guess that it was a human. The boils are huge and seem to be right on the edge of bursting.

Saida Two-Face


Remember that episode from FRIENDS when Rachel teaches Ben the various pranks? This seems to be an inspiration from that episode since Saida has decided to run a line down her face. However, the line seems to be rather thick and her face seems to be divided into two parts.