Saida Mickeviciute Can Transform Herself Into Anything

Saida Mickeviciute is a beauty guru who can transform herself into just about anything. She is 22 years old and hails from Lithuania. However, she currently lives in London and has filled up her Instagram with so many pictures of herself dressed up and transformed into various animals and her favorite movie characters. These are quite impressive and surely show us that Saida is quite talented.

Spooky Spider

Saida has covered her face fully with makeup. It is really scary at first but it is surely going to win competitions at Halloween. Saida really loves spooky things and it is quite clear when she tried to petrify us with her scary spider look.



Everyone loved the movie Annabelle and that was precisely because it was really spooky and scary. Seeing a doll come to life is right out of the horror movie and when Saida decided to dress up as Annabelle, she did not leave the makeup behind, drawing in additional lashes and stitching up her lips just right.

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