40 Clever Stores That Know How To Make Customers Happy

Many stores have stayed the way they were for years altogether. For decades, they would do the same thing over and over again. They are only interested in taking your money out of your pocket.

But then there are other stores, those which want to form a personal relationship with their customers. These are stores that innovate their methods of marketing and selling so that the customer feels at home while shopping in these places. These stores look for multiple ways for reducing wastage of resources, saving money, while making things more convenient for the customer.

No wonder these stores are always on their toes, having an edge over their competitors. They incorporate such incredible systems and designs, something that you see for probably the first time in your life. These traits go on to become trademarks.

1) Reusable Electronic Tags


This store wants to reduce paper wastage. So they came up with a way that the price tags could be reused and recycled. That’s why they have installed electronic price tags all over the store. This way they won’t have to keep on discarding the old tags and waste paper in making new ones.

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