Best Snowboarding Flicks to Enjoy on Netflix

Netflix isn’t just for binge-watching TV shows or catching up on movies you missed in theaters. It also has exciting snowboarding movies that’ll make you eager to hit the slopes in winter or satisfy your snowboarding cravings when it’s not snowing. These are the best snowboarding movies and documentaries currently available on Netflix.

Higher (2014)

“Higher” is the last part of Jeremy Jones’ series, which is called “Deeper, Further, Higher.” Join Jones and his friends as they travel from popular backcountry snowboarding spots like Lake Tahoe and Jackson Hole in the western United States to the Himalayas in Nepal and the eastern Alaska Range. After watching this final part, you’ll probably want to go back and watch “Deeper” and the others all over again.

Further (2012)

Jeremy Jones is famous for his amazing snowboarding skills in the wilderness. “Further” is the second part of his trilogy, “Deeper, Further, Higher.” In this movie, Jones and his friends ride through untouched mountain areas. They glide through deep powder, make daring vertical descents, and discover many new paths to ride.

Deeper (2010)

After watching “Further” and “Higher,” you might want to go back and watch the first part of Jeremy Jones’ trilogy. You can watch them in the order they were released, or you can just watch them randomly. The movie is an adventure on its own, with snowboarding in freezing temperatures, hiking all night to cool spots, and dealing with storms that bring both fresh snow and new challenges.

The Community Project (2005)

You can only watch this movie on a Netflix DVD. It shows top snowboarders from the early 2000s riding in Japan, New Zealand, Alaska, and more. Watch Travis Rice, JJ Thomas, Kyle Clancy, and Terje Haakonsen on 16mm film.

That’s It, That’s All (2008)

If there’s a list of must-watch snowboarding movies, “That’s It, That’s All” should be on it. It features top riders like Travis Rice, Jeremy Jones, and Nicolas Muller riding in 2008 in New Zealand, Germany, Japan, British Columbia, and Jackson Hole.

First Descent (2005)

This documentary follows the beginnings and rise of professional snowboarding. It includes incredible footage from the 1980s and highlights early pioneers of the sport, including Shaun White, Nick Peralta, and Hannah Teter.

Chalet Girl (2011)

In this romantic comedy, Felicity Jones plays Kim Matthews, a former skateboarder who becomes a chalet girl to help her dad. At first, she feels out of place in the snowy mountains, but things change when she starts snowboarding and enters a major competition.

McConkey (2013)

“McConkey” is a documentary about the life of extreme skier Shane McConkey. It’s not exactly a snowboarding movie, but it’s a must-watch for snow sports fans. The film honors McConkey’s pioneering spirit and explores his career and personal struggles.

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