Deciding Between Streaming Giants: HBO Max or Discovery+?

Discovery+ used to be its own streaming service, but now that WarnerMedia has merged with Discovery, you can access almost all of Discovery+’s content through Max. By subscribing to Max, you not only get all the great shows and movies from HBO, but also most of what Discovery+ offers, and all for just a little extra money. That’s why choosing Max over Discovery+ is a smart move.

Discovery+ Is Now Part of Max

If you’re looking for a streaming service to watch shows like Battlebots, you might be wondering if Discovery+ is the right choice. While Discovery+ does offer Battlebots, there’s another option to consider: Max.

In 2022, a big change happened in the world of streaming. A company called WarnerMedia, which owned HBO and Discovery channels, was sold to another company called Discovery. This created a new company called Warner Bros. Discovery.

This change impacted streaming services too. While Discovery+ still exists as a separate platform, most of its shows are now also available on Max. This means that Max might be a better option for many people than Discovery+.

Why a Max Subscription Is Better Than Discovery+

Looking for more than just nature shows and reality TV? Max might be the streaming service for you! It combines the wide variety of shows from Discovery with the critically acclaimed, often grown-up content from HBO.

Think shows like Game of Thrones, the edgy family drama Succession, and classic hits like the Sopranos and Sex in the City. Want some laughs? John Oliver’s satirical news and Bill Maher’s comedic talk show will have you covered.

Movie buffs? Not only does Max have the whole Harry Potter series, but it also holds exclusive rights to the beloved Studio Ghibli films in the US. Looking for something different? Dive into sports documentaries or even catch live NBA, NHL, or MLB games!

Don’t worry, kids aren’t forgotten! Max offers classic Cartoon Network shows, and even brings you everyone’s favorite Sesame Street, which moved from PBS in 2016.

In other words, Max combines the best of both worlds, offering something for everyone in the family, from nature lovers to grown-up TV fans and everything in between!

Discovery+ Shows Are Part of Every Max Subscription

Choosing a Max plan can be confusing since all the plans seem to offer the same shows. That’s actually true! The amount of content doesn’t change, no matter which plan you pick.

It might seem strange, but Max doesn’t really talk about this. Why? They’re busy merging everything with Discovery+ to create a super-streaming service that can battle it out with the big-timers like Netflix.

So, even if Discovery+ hangs around, Max wants you to focus on their big, combined package, not some other service.

Is There Content on Discovery+ Not on Max?

While Max offers tons of shows from Discovery, Animal Planet, Food Network, and more, some hidden gems are still missing.

Want to catch shows from A&E, History, or Lifetime? You’ll need Discovery+ for now. These channels belong to a different company, so their awesome shows haven’t joined the Max party yet.

Don’t worry, things might change as deals are updated, but for now, Discovery+ holds onto a niche selection of content Max doesn’t have. So, if your must-watch list includes shows from those channels, Discovery+ might still be worth checking out!

Discovery+ vs Max: Which Streaming Service Is Cheaper?

Choosing the right plan can feel like deciphering code, but here’s the lowdown on Max prices:

Max has 3 tiers:

  • Basic for $9.99/month (ads with 2 devices) or $99.99/year (save 20%)
  • No Ads Plus Downloads for $15.99/month (30 downloads for 2 devices) or $149.99/year (save 27%)
  • Premium 4K with Downloads for $19.99/month (100 downloads for 4 devices) or $199.99/year (save 20%)

Discovery+ has 2 options:

  • With Ads for $4.99/month
  • No Ads with Downloads for $8.99/month

Price Comparison:

  • Cheapest with ads: Max is 40% more expensive per year.
  • Cheapest ad-free: Max is 28% more expensive per year.

Remember: Max gives you all of Discovery+ (plus HBO and other stuff) and lets you save on a yearly plan. But if you only care about Discovery+ content and saving every penny, the separate service might be better.

Need shows ONLY from Discovery+? Skip Max!

If you only want programs found on Discovery+, subscribing directly to Discovery+ is cheaper. Before the big merger, HBO Max (way pricier than Discovery+) was separate. Now, Max (still costing more than Discovery+) includes most of what you’d find on Discovery+ anyway.

Basically, think of Max as an HBO add-on to Discovery+. After the merger, you get HBO content for MUCH less than before. Cool, right?

But wait! There’s more…

If you want shows from BOTH Discovery+ and HBO, then Max IS the better deal. You get a ton of extra content for a slightly higher price compared to separate subscriptions.

So, the choice is yours!

If you’re ONLY a Discovery+ fan, stick with that plan. But if you crave both worlds, Max unlocks a whole new level of entertainment for a decent price.

Is Max Available In the Same Countries As Discovery+?

Where can you watch? That’s important too!

Before you choose, check if Max is available in your country. So far, it’s only in the US, waiting to launch in other places like Mexico, Europe, and Southeast Asia this year.

Discovery+ can be watched in more countries right now, like India, Canada, and Spain.

Trick to watch Max anywhere (but be careful!)

There’s a way to watch Max anywhere with a special app called a VPN, but it can slow down your internet. This means your videos might stop and start while you watch.

Max is the future, Discovery+ might not be around forever

Even though Discovery+ is available in more places now, Max is where the company is putting its energy. Once Max reaches more countries, Discovery+ might eventually disappear.

Choose the one you can watch where you live, but keep in mind Max is the newer, bigger option!

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