It is quite hard for picky eaters to travel around the world since they do not get to eat the things that they like when things are not available. Travelling can be quite fun when you get to see new ways of life of other people and take in the sights that are new to them. Things, however, can turn ugly when it is time to eat something and the things that are available to eat are totally out of your comfort zone. Here are some of the issues that picky eaters feel there is a need to be addressed when they are out on a trip.

Excited But Nervous

You are always excited to explore new things but there is a tiny voice in the back of your mind telling you that you might not like the thing that is new.

The Questions From Your Family

Your family is always asking you what you are going to eat when you are out for an adventure. You are always wondering about your eating plans and you do not need the added stress.

The Stress Of Predetermined Meals

There are some tours that determine your meals beforehand and that is just an added stress that you do not need on a vacation. You are on vacation to relax and not to have your anxiety levels tested.

Running Out Of Snacks

You are the type of person who always keeps snacks handy in case of a rainy day. However, what do you do when you run out of snacks and there is nothing open nearby?

The Constant Judgement

You will meet new people when you are living your life to the fullest. However, being a picky eater, you will also face the constant judgement from new people when they see what you like and do not like to eat.

The Hoard Of Questions

When you discuss your likings and disliking in food, people will constantly question you why you like something and why you do not like other things. You have to be ready with the answers.

The Questioning Eyes Of The Wait Staff

When you order food in a restaurant on vacation, you will get questionable stares from the wait staff because they will wonder why you are so picky.

Facing The Language Barrier

Out on vacation, you will hit the restaurants and will have to order food in a foreign language. This will be quite difficult to explain why you want some ingredients and why you do not want tomatoes on your pasta.

Being Bored With The Same Stuff

Since you are so picky about your food, you will be intimidated with the choices that are presented to you. This means that you will order the same food again and again and end up being bored.

Facing The Surprise Ingredient

Imagine that you ordered something in a restaurant and the dish ends up having a surprise ingredient and will have to eat it without having a say in it.

Living Life On The Edge

There will be times when you decide to take a little risk and order something out of the blue. You might end up regretting the decision but there will be nothing you can do about it.

Wasting The Money

This is the worst thing and you end up wasting quite a lot of money trying new food that does not suit your palette. This money is never coming back and you have to accept it.

The Food That Makes You Sick

Most of the time, you will have to suck up and eat the food that is presented to you. After that, you will just be looking the way to the nearest bathroom.

Being A Burden On Others

You will spend a lot of time apologizing to the people around you. You will end up being a burden on the people around you on the trip since the eating places will be chosen according to the things you like.

The Constant Shame

Inside, you will a constant sense of shame but you will have to accept it as a part of who you are.

You Have To Explain A Lot

You have to get into a lot of explanations as to why you are ordering the same things time and again. This wastes a lot of time and you do not get that time back.

You Have To Assure People

Your friends and family will offer you quite a lot of dishes that they believe might be good for you. However, you have to get into quite a lot of assurances telling them that you have tried them and did not like them.

You Have To Learn To Get Patient

When you are picky with your food, you have to face a lot of annoying things. There are glares and questions that you have to face but the upside is that you get to learn to be patient.

Deciding On A Restaurant

You have to look at the menu of a restaurant that you are looking for before you decide on the place to eat. You have to look for the dishes that you like.

Choosing Things From The Kids’ Menu

Food from your childhood turns out to be the thing that you like the most. People will not understand why you are ordering out of the kids’ menu but you have to ignore the stares.

Choosing The Toppings On Pizza

You may not like all the veggies or meats on your pizza. You want to avoid some things on your pizza and you would just want simple cheese.

You Are The Person People Make Fun Of

You are always eating the same things when you go out and your friends and family are always making fun of you. However, there is nothing wrong with eating the same thing for the better part of your life.

Sticking To The Chain Restaurants

Secretly in your heart, you want to stick to the chain restaurants because the taste remains the same all around the world. You find something comforting about the availability of chain restaurants everywhere around the world.

You Cannot Share Meals With Others

It might look quite appealing to look at the meals that the people around you are having. However, you cannot share the meals with them because there might be ingredients that you might not like.

Not Having Meals At Your Friend’s Places

You do not like someone else preparing the food for you which is why you are always declining invitations to dinner parties at your friend’s places. This leads to distancing and eventually, your friends do not feel as close to you as they were before.

Wanting To Travel But Cannot

You are always wanting to travel but there is a part of you that wants to avoid the risk of trying out new food. You will want to put the luggage away.

The Silent Judgements

You can feel the silent judgements of the people around you when you order mac and cheese for the millionth time.

Constantly Spitting Up Food

You are constantly spitting up food and that means you have to keep napkins ready. You also have to be really good at spitting up secretly so that people do not see you.

The Hate For Upscale Restaurants

Your other friends may like the fact that the upscale restaurants serve so many courses but you are not one of them. You hate the fact that the flavour changes with every course and the ingredients sound so foreign.

You Are Confused With All The Ingredients

For the life of you, you are not able to understand how people can eat raw fish or bread crust without throwing up in their mouth.

People Are Constantly Frustrated With You

That is the life that you have to live. You can either take care of what you put in your mouth or be considerate of what people think about you.

You Do Not Like Surprises

Your friends might have planned a surprise for you when they bring you lunch. However, you are quite wary of the food that they bring since you do not know what is actually in it.

Limited Options

You are out exploring the city that you are currently on vacation. However, even after the entire day has passed, you are not able to find a decent place to eat which means you can either eat terrible food or starve to death.

Trust Issues

You have trust issues with everyone, whether it is a friendly chef, your friends, or even your mother. You are just not able to convey what you want sometimes and are always worrying they will get your food wrong.

Sick Of Your Usual Food

Your palette longs for new tastes but you are just not able to bring yourself to try out new foods.

You Are Constantly Hungry

This is one of the most annoying things that you can face if you are a picky eater. Since you do not get the right foods at the right times, you are constantly hungry and that makes you angry.