Hiker Posted a Vacation Pic And Goes Viral After Realizing What’s on The Background

When you’re out on a nature hike, and you’re taking a bunch of photos with with a group of friends, the last thing you think about is what you could be capturing in the background. But one Reddit user by the name of u/SlicedUpBeef discovered a mystery when his friend Kim showed him a photo of her cousin in the same spot where he had taken a photo in Dundas Peak. And what he learned sent chills down his spine.

The Dundas Peak is Filled With Mystery

Dundas Peak is pretty popular with hikers in Canada mainly because it has a spectacular scenic spot that gives hikers a picturesque overlook of the city of Hamilton, Ontario. It’s also the home of Tew’s Falls, the highest falls in Hamilton. Although some people find the peak to be completely terrifying because of its dangerous heights, there’s something even more frightening lurking in the area.

They Were Lured By an Instagram Photo

Reddit / SlicedUpBeef

In 2016, Reddit user u/SlicedUpBeef went hiking with his friend Kim at Dundas Peak. She had suggested this location to him because her cousin had gone a few days earlier and posted a photo on Instagram. But what was it in the photo that made their hearts stop?

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