40 Inventions That Are Weirder Than The Weirdest

Humans have made such inventions that help it to rule this planet. Although most of them work for the betterment of mankind, there are some that need a bit of tuning. Not only that some of the inventions are outright awkward, making you think that why were they invented in the first place. So hold tightly to you seats and get ready for a show that will certainly make you roll on the floor laughing.

1. Nude Heels


Money brings in a lot of sass and class. But there is no guarantee that it might bring in sense and rationality as well. Who would wear this pair of crappy heels? If you ask me, I shall never recommend this footwear to anybody I know.

2. Noodle Protector


If you have faced the problem of your hair getting in the way of your noodles. Just purchase this noodle protector and you are ready to have a delightful Asian meal.

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