Children often look like their parents and that is because the children share the genes with their parents. “Like mother, like daughter” is a popular saying and these pictures show the true meaning of the saying. It can come across as quite shocking when you see the resemblance between the mothers and the daughters.

Begin With A Celebrity

This is Reese Witherspoon and her daughter, Ava Phillippe. There is no need for a DNA test since you can see the resemblance between the mother and the daughter. Both of them look amazing and when you look at Reese Witherspoon, you can never tell if she ages even a single year. She looks just like her little daughter.

Can You Tell The Difference?

Demi Moore and her daughter look like clones and it is quite hard to tell the difference between the two. It is mind-blowing to see the two of them, and it seems just unnatural to see the two of them together in the same shot.

Mother Daughters Combo

When you look at the three women in the picture, it looks like a picture of three sisters. However, you will be surprised to know that there is a mother in the picture and the other two women are her daughters. The mother, in the centre, is 63 years old, and the daughters are 36 years old and 41 years old, on the left and the right respectively.


Looking at this picture, it seems to be a picture of twins showing the world their love. However, they are not twins and there is actually a 23 years difference between the two of them. The mother is on the right and it is impossible to tell that she could be 23 years older than her daughter.


After what seemed like twins, this is a picture that seems to be of triplets. However, it is not and one of the girls in the picture is actually the mother of the other two. The girl on the extreme left is 45 years old and yet it seems like she is the youngest of the three.


It is hard to believe that this picture is real. It looks like a work of photoshop or some other editing software since you could never imagine that one of the girls in this picture is a mother and the other two are her daughters. The mother is the one with the hair bun.

True Beauties

This is Shweta Bachchan Nanda, an Indian author, who has defied all the natural ways and looking all young even though she is 45 years old. And then there is her daughter, Navya Naveli, who bears a striking resemblance to her mother.

Find The Differences

It is impossible to find differences between the two women in the picture. They look like sisters but in reality, they are mother and daughter. The only way to tell them apart would be to check their ID’s.

Gene Game Going Strong

This shows us that the apple never falls far from the tree. The daughter, on the left, looks just like her mother and the only way that we can tell them apart is by the slight wrinkling on the mother’s face.

The Same Person?

This is getting out of hand and there has to be some explanation why we are seeing two of the same person. And yet, as it turns out, the truth is that they are mother and daughter, and it is just unbelievable.

Keep You Guessing

Just when you think that it is enough, there comes another picture showing you the unnatural resemblance that a mother can have with her daughter. Or is it the other way around? This is getting quite confusing.

And Then There Were Four

The only thing that is clear in this picture is that the girl on the far left is the youngest daughter. As for the mother, it is hard to tell but the woman on the right is the mother. The three daughters in the middle look exactly like their mother.

Can You Solve This Mystery?

There is nothing more left to say. These women are identical in every way and it is quite hard to tell who is the mother and who is the daughter. However, if you still want to know, the woman on the left is the mother.

What Gave It Away?

The woman on the right is the mother in this picture and we can say that only by seeing the wrinkles around her nose. However, if we were to tell you that the woman on the left is the mother and she just takes better care of her skin than her daughter, would you believe us?

The Flawless Skin Of The Asian Women

The internet is filled with pictures of Asian women who have flawless skin. Their skin ages very slowly and it can get quite confusing and difficult to guess the age of an Asian woman. Take this picture for instance. One of the girls in the picture is the mother of the other.

Sisters, Maybe?

Let’s be honest. If you saw this picture outside of this list, you would surely guess that the two women in this picture are sisters. Right? The mind is having quite a difficulty comprehending the reality that the one on the left is the mother of the girl on the right.


If the authenticity of this image was not confirmed, we would have surely marked it as a hoax and not included this image in the list. It is quite difficult to know for sure who is the mother in this picture. Even after a long time of staring at this picture, we are not able to tell for sure if the woman on the right is the mother or the daughter.


The only physical appearance that differentiates the two women in this picture is the color of the hair. Apart from that, the two look strikingly similar and they are both beautiful enough to pose for magazines.

The Family That Exercises Together

Are you still guessing who the mother is in this picture? If yes, then let us tell you. It is the woman on the far left and the other three are her daughters. Maat Petrova is a fitness trainer and she ensures that her daughters get enough exercise.

Surprise Surprise

If you think these are triplets, then you are wrong. However, there are twins in this picture. The mother looks just like her daughters, and that is why we are also having quite a hard time figuring out who the mother is.

Mother Of Six

Even in your wildest dreams, you would not be able to guess who the mother is in this picture. Let us give you a hint. She is 47 years old and is surrounded by her six children. Are you still confused? It is the woman in the centre.

Young At Heart

These are just good genes and they are enough to keep a woman young for a long time. The two women look just like each other and the only difference seems to be the height difference. Our assumption is that the daughter is the one on the left.

Sherlock Will Be Confused Too

There is no way we can tell who the mother is in this picture. Even if you called Sherlock Holmes, he would have a hard time finding evidence that one of the women in the picture is actually the daughter of the other.

Full House

You may remember Lori Loughlin from the TV show Full House. However, do you know that she has two daughters as well and that they look just like their mother?

Dad’s Genes Helped

There are a mother and a daughter in this picture. The only difference between them is the color of the hair and that might be the only way that the daughter’s father can tell them apart.

Is It Magic?

There are two women in this picture who look identical to each other. However, we know for sure that one of them is the mother and the other is the daughter. Would you believe your eyes if you read that the one on the right is 63 years old and is the mother?

Smile For The Camera

This is quite a disturbing picture since one of the women in the picture is the daughter of the other. The mother is on the left and while you can tell it quite easily, the resemblance is quite uncanny.

An Interesting Puzzle

This picture went viral a few years ago and the reason is quite simple. The world could not believe that the woman on the left is the mother of the other two women in the picture.

Too Cute

This mother-daughter duo is too cute. They were chosen as the winners of a lookalike contest in their hometown and their win was well-deserved. As you can clearly see, they look exactly alike and their smiles are way too cute.

Do You See The Teenager?

You might be having a hard time believing that one of the girls in this picture is actually a teenager and the other is her mother. The mother is on the left.

Differentiated By Hairstyle

The two women in this picture look exactly alike and the only way we can tell that they are not the same is the way that they wear their hair. The woman on the left is the daughter of the woman on the right.

Striking Resemblance

You would never believe your eyes upon reading that the woman on the right, Julia Bordovsky, a journalist, is 47 years old. The one on the left is her daughter and the two women look similar enough to pass on as sister.

Happy Married Life

Is the mother attending the wedding of the daughter or is the daughter attending her mother’s marriage? Guess we will never know. These two women look young enough to be mistaken as sisters.

Born As Stars

You will recognize Kim Zolciak, the star of the TV show Real Housewives of Atlanta. Besides her is her daughter Brielle and the two of them love twinning. This picture shows them wearing the same hairstyle and the same striped look.

We Shall Drink To That

The woman on the left has recently been on vacation as is evident from her tan skin. It is a bit clear who the mother is in this picture and if you are still wondering, it is the woman on the right.