These Hilariously Dumb Photos Show That People Lack Common Sense

There come many instances in our lives, when we do not think things through in a thorough manner. And then we end up doing things we never intended to do in the first place. Like we crossed the road to the other side, when we needed to remain on the side we were on. Or we had a piece of sourdough bread, even knowing that we were gluten-intolerant. It happens, right? Sometimes these incidents could turn out to be extremely hilarious.

Finding it hard to believe? Here are some pictures that might change your mind, that too in a funny way. Just have a look –

1. This Girl Put Glitter On Her Face Believing All That Was Written On The Label


Now, where did she get the great idea of putting glitter on her face? She should have checked it out by putting a bit on her hand, and seen whether it was removable or not. Now her face is all pink and she is planning to sue Palmer products.

2. Who Puts A Fidget Spinner On Their Genitalia?

The ER can never be boring. There is always an incident that brings a smile on your face. You remember that episode in Mr. Bean, where he goes to a General Hospital to get a teapot removed from his hand. Well, a young 9-year old decided to put the fidget spinner onto, you know where. Wonder how the hospital staff will deal with this one.

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