What’s An Insta-Cation? You’ll Want To Renew That Passport RN

For some of us, traveling the world isn’t just something you do once a year. It’s a passion that you follow as much as possible an obsession with culture, planes, and leaping beyond the lines of your comfort zone. You try and get out there and explore whenever you can, and take your camera along for the ride, too. Let’s be honest: Getting a few pictures is #necessary, but only because you want to inspire others to catch a flight and do the same. So, what’s an Insta-cation? Well, let me give you and your social media the scoop. It’s essentially all about going to those places with unreal views and backdrops, that will make your followers renew their passports, like right now.

You’re not a newbie when it comes to taking trips you’re a true traveler, if you will. You’ve been on trains in the middle of Europe, or at least gone on a few family vacations down to the islands. This experience won’t be anything like that, because it’s all about going to the spots that can only be described as #goals. (Trust me, it’s for the better.)

Let’s start by imagining the dreamiest place on this Earth. I know that must be difficult, considering what you already know is out there, thanks to your favorite travel bloggers. There are the beaches of Thailand and the magical waterfalls of Iceland, where you swear unicorns exist. (Is there a place that combines both of these visions? Well, it’s time to go and find out!)

OK, did you pick just one? Perfect. Now that you have that image in your head, put your brain to work. How can you recreate it for your followers? Well, the first step is grabbing a suitcase, your passport, a plane ticket, and taking an Insta-cation. Go!

What’s an Insta-cation?

Here’s what you’ve been waiting for: the definition of an Insta-cation. *Drumroll, please.* It’s a vacation that’s purely planned around picture opportunities. You go to a super photogenic place, like one of those secrets spots in the Grand Canyon, and fill up your memory card with unreal snapshots. You pose in all sorts of outfits, and work every single angle. And then when all is said and done, you explore and eat everything. (That part’s just like any other vacation.)

Along the way, you post videos and iPhone photos to your story on social media, so that your followers can keep up with your adventures. Let’s be honest: They’re anxiously awaiting the snaps that are chilling on your camera. So, be sure to take some to edit your pictures with the best presets, and post them right away.

What are the best spots to travel to for an Insta-cation?

It’s difficult to narrow down everywhere in the world, to just a few spots that are must-sees. There are some places on this planet are just a little more worthy of the ‘Gram than most, though. Book a trip to one of them before anywhere else, especially if you’re looking to have an Insta-cation.

First thing’s first: Hop on a plane to other side of the world, and see the beauty of Bali for yourself. You’ve seen it all over social media already, but have yet to swing over the rice fields and sleep in the glow of the rainforest. Consider this a sign that you need to go, ASAP. Challenge yourself to create new and original content while having the experience of a lifetime.

This fall, you should also head to European hotspots like Paris, Positano, or Amsterdam. Fall in love with the Eiffel Tower, or use the bikes that line the canals as a backdrop. While you’re in the area, check out the Faroe Islands, settled into the North Atlantic. My favorite family of travelers and filmmakers Hailey and Brad Devine and their two daughters recently went to this spot and it’s built for photography and picture-perfect moments.

What kind of photos should you get while you’re on an Insta-cation?

The type of photos you get on your Insta-cation really depends on where you’re going. But, if you’re lacking some inspiration and need some content ideas, here are a few concepts you can work with.

Look around you. Is there something particularly colorful, like a wall of pink flowers, or bright teal waves that should make an appearance on the ‘Gram? Are there props like an oversized hat, pineapple, or street sign that should be in the picture? These little details make all the difference, especially when they’re placed right in the rest of your composition.

Next, work with the lighting. Sometimes the sun in particularly tropical places can create interesting shadows, or maybe you want to be amongst the mist of a waterfall. Show your followers that you’re truly immersing yourself in the experience and place that you dove head-first into your Insta-cation.

Why do you and your followers need an Insta-cation, right now?

Your wanderlust is probably knocking on your door, wondering when you’re going to travel to next. Let’s be honest: You’ve been begging to take a trip since the moment the plane landed the last time. But, an Insta-cation isn’t exactly like any other experience you’ve had, because it’s all about getting that #content. So, why do you need that particular kind of trip?

Well, it’s simple. There’s a lot of beauty in getting out of your comfort zone and seeing the world. To me, it’s one of the most important things you can do, because it helps you understand people, this planet, and your place in it. Every time you travel, you get richer. And every time you post a picture of those places and experiences, you inspire someone else to have their own. Get the idea? It’s no surprise that you and your followers need a vacation. Renew your passport, and create this domino effect on social media ASAP.

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