14 Of The Dumbest People Alive

Dumb people are everywhere but here are some of the dumbest people alive… We challenge you find someone who is more dumb than these peeps!

14.) Doesn’t even change if the mother is dumb…

Dumbest People - Do twins take 18 months to be born

13.) Yup, it was probably a fake!

Dumbest People - Titanic was fake

12.) How can you argue with that?

Dumbest People - Sun is not a star

11.) It may be Hussein?

Dumbest People - Obamas last name

10.) Nature is funny!

Dumbest People - How nature makes rocks

9.) How about you give us a million and take $38 everyday?

Dumbest People - Saving $38 each week means million in 3 yrs

8.) Parents would be proud!

Dumbest People - HIV results came back positive

7.) Ohh they are only painted!

Dumbest People - Didn't know of green apples

6.) Must have been scary!

Dumbest People - Trapped on the escalator

5.) Well, you only learn from mistakes…

Dumbest People - Never try to cremate your deceased pet

4.) Smartphone should have autocorrected that…

Dumbest People - Goodbye America, Hello New York

3.) You cannot be more dumb than that…

Dumbest People - Can I abort one of the twins

2.) We believe you!

Dumbest People - I don't sugar code shit

1.) Even the file name is dumb!

Dumbest People - Prom dress on my computer

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