What To Look For When Buying Mountain Hiking Boots

Sturdy boots are an absolute must for hiking in the mountains. Depending on the terrain, boots with iron crampons may be necessary. But this does not mean having to sacrifice on comfort.

Some types of boot can even be better than soft trekking shoes, the magazine Outdoor says. The magazine tested random samples of mountain hiking boots, and all of them received marks of “good”, “very good”, and in a few cases, “outstanding”.

Experts advise hikers to keep in mind a few factors when purchasing a new pair of hiking boots.

1. Lacing

The boot should have a lace that easily reaches the top of the shoe. This will assure a good fit at the front of the foot and makes for better grip. Clamping hooks make possible a different firmness of lacing at different points on the boot.

2. Notches for crampons

To assure firm footing on icy surfaces, it should be easy to attach crampons to the boot. With most of the models tested, there was at the point of the heel a plastic notch that made it easy to attach the crampons.

3. Profile

The important thing here is the depth of tread, but only on certain points of the sole. At the shoe’s tip, a profile surface that’s almost flat can provide sure footing on small rock ledges.

4. Tongue

Some types of hiking boots have a Velco strip that allows the tongue of the shoe to be detached in order to dry it out. This can also be a practical matter in achieving the right fit.

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