30 Fake Viral Photos That People Thought Were Actually Real

After the advent of the internet, the term ‘Fake news’ has become extremely popular. But have you wondered why? With the present-day photo editing tools, the smartest of the people can be fooled. There are a lot of photographs that are a big lie from the word go. But they being posted nevertheless, by a mischievous people. Anyway, leaving all the serious criticism behind, we will show you famous images over the web that you did not know were photoshopped. So prepare yourself for seeing things that are not the way as they are shown to be.

1. Photograph Of MGM Intro Behind The Scenes


You must have seen this photo of a lion strapped onto a machine to make the iconic MGM introduction. The lion roars in the slot and it looks great. But in reality, this is not the case. It is actually a photo of a lion being diagnosed at the vet’s office for a CAT/MRI scan. A bonus fact – luckily, the lion recovered from his ailment and is now completely healthy.

2. If The Mustache Wasn’t Enough, Then Add Those Angry Eyebrows


The internet is crazy about animals pics. These images look both weird and cute at the same time. This cat has an adorable mustache. But an image editor photoshopped eyebrows and this picture went viral after that.

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