40 Cute Cats Caught Sleeping In The Strangest Of Places

When a cat wants to sleep, you can’t stop a cat from sleeping. In fact, if you are an expert on animals, then you ought to know that cats can sleep more than 16 hours a day. And we aren’t kidding. Every cat owner in this world knows that their cute balls of fur can actually find any comfortable spot. A cat has a peculiar habit, if it can fit in a place, they will definitely sleep in that particular spot. It will own that place and not budge from it.

But what’s hilarious is that they will pick the funniest and weirdest of places. Here’s one more interesting fact – they try all types of different positions and places. If you are finding all this difficult to believe, then here are 40 of the funniest and weirdest places cats choose for their siesta. Lay back and enjoy –

1) The whole world is upside down


If you are sleeping with your head in this position then it doesn’t look comfortable at all. But wait, this cat is a bit different than others. Have a look. How soundly asleep he is! We sincerely hope he won’t be dizzy when he wakes up. Good night, sleepy eyes!

2) If I can sit on it, then I can sleep on it as well


This cat loves to climb things. It must have been feeling bored and wanted to try out something new. So it tried a whole new sleeping position. But she chose the unlikeliest of places. But looking at the cat snoring, it seems that this spot is working for it!

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