This Woman Is Making These Kids Their Look Alike Dolls

A doll has a lot of importance in a kid’s life. In fact, there are a lot of kids who simply can’t live without a doll, especially girls. Girls’ attachment to dolls is certainly unimaginable. But there are many boys who love to own such plushy toys as well. However, there is a catch. Most of the kids can’t relate to these toys. Why? That’s because they do not have that familiarity with the kids, who have a developing memory which is enhanced by relation and association.

This relation and association aspect is doubly important for disabled kids who suffer physical and mental deformities and it is a painful aspect of their lives. So that they can cope with it, they need to look at it as a proud part of their lives and not a hindrance. But how can you do that? So we have decided to introduce you to a social worker, Amy Jandrisevits who makes look-alike dolls for children with disabilities. Not only is she doing the job of a good samaritan, but she is also bringing joy to the lives of these children –

Meet Amy Jandresvits In Her Workshop


Former social worker, Amy Jandresevits is in her workshop, on her sewing machine, totally immersed in her job. She is sewing dolls that look just like a kid who suffers from some disability. She is doing this for her non-profit organization, “A Doll Like Me”

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