When you snap a photo, you can’t predict what’s going to happen in the background. That’s something every selfie taker and photographer knows by now. But the person in front of the photo aren’t the ones who mess up. If you zoom in any of these pics, you’ll quickly notice some savage photobombs and a few accidental coincidences that will make you look twice. But one thing’s for sure: no matter how weird these photos may look, none of them were photoshopped!

Leaning Tower of Backside

While this lady’s keeping the Leaning Tower of Pisa from falling. The guy in the background appears to be holding her backside to keep her from falling, too. But this isn’t nearly as embarrassing as this next prom photo.

Dad Ruined the Prom Photo

This high schooler was ready for prom, but dad insisted on taking a photo. Unfortunately, the mirror behind the teen caught the reflection of his father wearing nothing but his underwear. Thanks a lot, dad! But what about this next wrestler who’s asking his own grandmother to take a pic of his chest?

Bodybuilder’s Living With Grandma

This bodybuilder is all muscles but how manly will his social media followers find him when they see grandma in the mirror and realize Rambo’s is asking his grams to take a photo of him without a shirt on? At least she’s dressed appropriately, unlike the dad in this next photo.

Dad´s Prom Stalking in the Background

This prom queen was all dressed up to perfection. But when they snapped this pre-prom photo, they probably didn’t plan on seeing her dad in the background, looking like a hairy mess, photobombing his daughter.

It’s Mating Season at the Zoo

Whoever took this photo of this little girl was focusing solely on her. But on the upper right-hand corner of the photo you can clearly see two giraffes mating. But at least Uncle Penny Bags didn’t pop up behind her like he did with this next guy.

Uncle Penny Bags Makes a Cameo

This photo was taken during the Equifax Senate Hearing, and there’s a woman protesting there, but you’d never know it. The guy with the top hat, glasses and white mustache isn’t a guy at all. It’s a woman trolling the hearing silently. But don’t flip out like the golfer in this next photo did.

Never Drink and Drive a Golf Cart

Everyone should have been focusing on the golfer in this shot but they were too busy reeling from the shock of that golf cart about to flip over in the background. But some flips aren’t always accidental.

Surfer Photobombs Family

This family photo at the beach is unforgettable but not because it captures a moment in time where everyone was together. It’s because the teen in the background decided to dive off his surfboard when the photographer yelled “cheese!” But at least he didn’t look deranged like the person in this next photo.

Beware the Photobombing Stalker

This couple is trying to take a cute pic together, but they don’t realize there’s a weird looking girl on the other side of the storefront giving them a horrifying look. Maybe she’s jealous of their love, like this next dog is of his owner’s bundle of joy.

Dog Doesn’t Approve of Future Baby

When this expecting mom posed for a photo, her dog decided to go number two in the background just to show the family how much he was looking forward to the new addition. Maybe he could use some friends like the canines in this next photo.

Meet the Rear End Sniffing Club

This dog’s cute photo was ruined by a train of butt sniffing dogs in the background that totally outshined Fido over here. They look like K9 centipedes, which is about as unnatural as the priest in this next photo.

The Priest is Planking the Newlyweds

It looks like the priest is hovering in mid-air like a man possessed while the newlyweds in the front are kissing. Hopefully, the priest won’t start spewing split pea soup from his mouth like this next kid.

The Hockey Player Who Tossed His Cookies

The kid on the left-hand side of the photo may not be possessed, but he’s definitely going all Linda Blair from “The Exorcist.” The kid below him has no idea he’s about to get a massive shower from the sick hockey player above him. But at least he didn’t deal with the mess Paris Hilton did in this next photo.

Kangaroos upstaged Paris

Paris Hilton thought she was the star in this photo until the Australian kangaroos in the background decided to get all naughty. But the danger in this next photo proved to be as much of an attention seeker as these kangaroos.

Dancer Photobombs the Ballerinas

These ballerinas are the prime example of elegance, but are they in danger? A fellow dancer decided to pose shirtless in the background looking like he’s about to attack.

He’s a Beer Drinking Pacifist

While security is struggling to restrain that hot head in the photo, the guy sitting in the background is chilling with a cup of beer in his hand looking as cool as a polar bear’s toe nail, unlike the former president in this next snap.

Is That You, Bill?

There’s nothing out of the ordinary about this reporter doing her job. But take a closer look at the bottom of the photo towards the right, and you get a glimpse of former US president, Bill Clinton looking like a deer caught in a headlight. But at least he wasn’t munching hard like this next kid.

He’s Totally Trolling this Prom Picture

These girls are posing for their epic prom photo, but one of them has a sibling who could care less about prom. So, they trolled their sister by sitting in the background while inhaling a bag of Doritos. Now, this next photo might make you want to call child protective services.

He Threw His Kid Too Far

It’s hard to focus on this hunky man when the father in the background seems to be throwing his kid over his head. He probably intended to catch him, and they’re just fooling around, but it looks like he lost his grip and the kids about to hit the floor like the baseball fan in this next photo did.

Baseball Fan Gets Tackled

The Astros baseball team was busy celebrating and one of their fans tried to get in on the celebration. Unfortunately, security tackled him to the ground and end up seeing double like the viewers of this next news footage.

News Reporter’s Twinning Live

Folks watching news reporter Mustafa Barghouti thought they were experiencing double vision when they noticed that the television behind him was playing the live news report he was doing. But it’s not the craziest photobomb. Just wait until you see the next Game of Thrones fiasco.

There’s a Truck on “Game of Thrones”

This screenshot was taken from a behind-the-scenes video for “Game of Thrones”, which shows a modern-day truck in the background. How bizarre is this? We wonder if anyone got fired over this major blunder. But this next star’s unexpected appearance on reality TV is really mind-blowing.

Schumer’s on Judge Judy

Celebrities in court aren’t an uncommon occurrence, but having actress Amy Schumer in the audience on “Judge Judy” is. We’re still wondering how Judge Judy and Amy Schumer ended up together under the same roof! But if you thought this was bizarre, wait until you see which “Star Wars” character photobombed this group of friends.

Chewbacca’s in the Restaurant

Take a look at that creature behind this group of friends sitting at a restaurant. It looks just like Chewbacca from “Star Wars,” right? It turns out it’s just the back of a woman’s head. Yup, we were shocked too! But this next background guest will have you seeing red and white.

Waldo’s Been Found

Where’s Waldo? Um, right in the back of this restaurant behind the bald man. Clearly, he’s been hiding way too long and is just sick and tired of it. So now he’s in plain sight much like the llama in this next photo.

The Llamas’ Hungry, Too

It’s hard to decide which is funnier; the llama that’s in the rear-view mirror waiting for the ostrich to stop eating so it can grab a bite from the driver’s bowl or the little girl crying in the back of the other car. At least she didn’t get a visit from this next Harry Potter villain.

Voldemort’s Tanning

Behind these lovely beauties is none other than Harry Potter’s arch-enemy, Voldemort. But what’s he doing? Trying to get a tan? Maybe he’s just looking for attention like the guy in this next photo.

The Guy Who Chose Weights Before Dates

This dad and his boy are pretty cute together, but the guy in the background with the shirt that says “Weights Before Dates” is definitely stealing the spotlight just like the cat in this next photo.

Cat in the back is Thirsty

This teen is taking a selfie in the bathroom, and from the looks of it, he’ll be crowned prom king. But then there’s his dear old cat in the background who’s trying to drink water out of the toilet bowl. But it’s not the only time someone stole the show in the bathroom.

Caught in the Act

The woman in the background was caught leaving the woman’s bathroom, which no one really wants to advertise. Then again, taking photos outside of the women’s bathroom is just tacky, but it’s not as bad as what this next guy did.

He’s Scratching in Public

This couple was taking a photo before a bike race while the racer on the left-hand side of the photo was warming his hands up by sticking them down his pants. Dude! Remember that being aware of your surroundings is a beautiful thing. But that’s not as creepy as the little joker in this next photo.

Beware the Creepy Kid

These women are taking a photo they’ll never forget. That’s because the kid in the background is giving them and evil grin that’s just creepy, but not as much as what this next parent did. He might get crowned “worst father in the world”.

Worst Dad Ever Hangs Kid

The parent in the background hung his kid by his legs to try to get him to retrieve a baseball to keep as a memento. Maybe dear old dad should have been taught a lesson from the little girl in this next photo.

Worst Sister Ever

On the right-hand side of this family photo is a sister who’s trying to lower her little brother’s oxygen intake level. Whatever he did must have been pretty bad, but not as bad as what these dogs did in the next photo.

Dogs Celebrate Kids’ First Day

This photo was supposed to immortalize their kids’ first day of school. Instead, it showed the family dog eagerly celebrating by trying to create a family of his own. But he’s not the only household pet who likes to photobomb.

Kiddy’s Got a Kitty Tail

This kid looks all adorable in this knitted outfit, but that thing sticking from her backside isn’t part of the clothing. It’s the house cat who just had to get in the photo by sticking its tail out. But this next photobomber is no laughing matter.

That’s Definitely Not Ronald

The clown driving that van in the background is certainly not Ronald McDonald, but rather some creepy, homicidal clown stalking those teens. But the dog in this next photo is a real stinker.

The Dog’s Bombing the Air

This photo was taken mere seconds before the girls noticed a foul stench. When they looked at the photo, they realized their dog was sticking its rear end out in the background.

He Reported Fake News

This FOX 9 news reporter claimed that the party was over, but the guys in the background begged to differ as they were still partying like it was 1999. But it’s nothing to lose your head over, unlike the beachgoer in this next photo.

Toddler’s Head Twisting Photo

The guy in the background bent over at the exact moment the kid closer to the camera lifted his fist. Due to the distance ratio. It seemed like the toddler was grabbing this beachgoer’s head and twisting it. Ouch!