A Strange Creature Was Found Living Under an Elderly Man’s Bed, But What Was It?

Somewhere in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, was the most unusual creature anyone had ever laid eyes on. It lurked under the one place where most people safe — under the bed. It was living there for a long time it seemed, until Paul Russell from Churchill, Pennsylvania, accidentally discovered it. And when he saw it, his heart fell out of his chest.

He Had a Weird Encounter

Most Unexpected

When Paul Russell went to check on one of his distant relatives’ home in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, he never expected to find something as unusual as what he found. It was practically out of this world. His heart pulsed violently in his chest as he went into the house. Then he aimed his flashlight towards the bed and caught a glimpse of the growling creature before it run into the cellar. But what was it?

The Old Man Left Something Behind

Time To Decide

His distant relative was an old man who had fallen ill in 2016, so he had to get placed in a nursing home so his kids would be able to visit him. The old man had lived in that home all alone for several years. But no one had any idea that there was a secret lurking in those walls, until Russell walked in.

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