Your Halloween 2018 Horoscope Is About Getting To Know Your Dark & Mysterious Side

If you don’t believe in magic, October 31st is probably the one day you do. It’s right in front of you, coming alive through jack-o-lanterns, ghosts, witches, vampires, werewolves, and every other dark creature from the netherworld. Sending chills down your spine and soothing the darkest and most cobwebbed corners of your heart, Halloween is when the magic is so real that you can honestly feel it. And, if you need proof, your Halloween 2018 horoscope contains all the enchanting evidence you could possibly need.

As if we needed more darkness and intensity on Halloween, the astrological forecast for the day is filled with cosmic magnitude. Along with the sun being in dark and mysterious Scorpio on October 31st, Mercury will also enter expansive and spontaneous Sagittarius. While this will have your sights set on dark adventures, Venus will retrograde so far backwards that it reenters Libra, changing the effect of its challenging spin on your social life. If you were hoping for true and terrifying horror, this Halloween will bring it. Luckily, this all happens under the golden gaze of a creative, lively, and emotionally expressive third quarter moon in Leo. While you may be going through internal drama, the cosmos are making sure it’s all an artistic experience.


With the eerie sun in your eighth house of sex and taboo, Halloween could be the perfect night to get your freak on with someone you’ve been lusting after. However, try not to make serious commitments happen, since Venus will be retrograding in your seventh house of partnerships.


As the Halloween sun creeps through your seventh house of partnerships, it’s the ideal holiday to pair up, or perhaps even dress in a sexy couples costume. But as Venus retrogrades in your sixth house of organization and routine, try not to get bogged down by too many fine details.


With the spooky sun in your sixth house of routine and service, it’s time to get detailed with all the Halloween decorations and be the most helpful witch you can be. Take care when Venus retrogrades through your fifth house of pleasure, however. You may indulge in the fun too far.


Because the Scorpio sun is rolling through your fifth house of pleasure, it’s clear you’re meant to party your heart out and eat as much candy as you can. However, don’t party so hard that it’s emotionally draining, because Venus will retrograde in your fourth house of home.


With the haunting sun in your fourth house of home and family, it’s time to be a kitchen witch, marathon horror films, and pass out candy to all the kids. However, make sure you don’t say anything too scary to them, because Venus will retrograde in your third house of communication.


With the mysterious sun in your third house of communication, it’s time to share your spookiest stories with others around a crackling fire. Watch the spending, however. Even though that pricey Halloween costume may seem worth it, remember that Venus retrogrades in your money house.


It’s your second house of value and finance that receives energy from the spooky sun. Treat yourself to some Halloween luxury and purchase that hypnotic costume you’ve been wishing for. But don’t rely too much on materialism for self-esteem, because Venus retrograde is now in Libra.


You are horror royalty, the witch Supreme, the devil himself, and Halloween is when your dark soul shines. Feel the power that’s raging within you; allow yourself to rock n’ roll. And thank goodness Venus retrograde left behind Scorpio just in time.


With the mysterious sun radiating throughout your 12th house of spirituality, you’ll be so in touch with the spirit realm. Maybe it’s time to break out the old ouija board and talk to some ghosts. However, Venus will also retrograde in your 11th house of community. Not all spirits are friends!


It’s your 11th house of friends that receives all the magical vibes from the sun. Time to gather with your favorite coven of witches and create some dark magic together. However, don’t use that magic for success and popularity, because Venus is retrograding in your career house.


With the haunting sun blazing through your 10th house of career and reputation, it’s time to make serious moves in your Halloween experience, such as winning a costume contest. Unfortunately, you may feel like your day is all mixed up as Venus retrogrades in your ninth house of adventure.


As the mystical sun rides through your ninth house of adventure, it’s time to hop on your broomstick and fly away to distant lands. Absorb all the Halloween experiences. Don’t get any ideas about going anything dangerous though, as Venus retrogrades in your eighth house of death.

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