Division 1 Football Starter Tennesee State University/ Hip- Hop Viral Artist MARJA’KIM Releases Hit Single “PARTY N’DA HILLS”

In the land of hip-hop and sports, one man is standing out. MARJA’KIM has released his hit single “PARTY N’DA HILLS” to rave reviews from critics and fans alike. The single has been streaming, with the accompanying music video having garnered nearly 150K views on YouTube since its release. After releasing “PARTY N’DA HILLS”, music … Read more

H2One Hand Sanitizer Hits a Home Run for Bronx Kids!

H2One CEO and co-founder, Alfred Zaccagnino, will join longtime New York Yankees Community Advisor Ray Negron on Friday October 23 at P.S. 055, in the Bronx, to share the gift of health and wellness with pupils, on behalf of two outstanding Yankees players. Shortstop Gleyber Torres and third baseman Geo Ursula came up with the … Read more

The Most Terrifying Knockouts In UFC History

There are a lot of ways to win an MMA fight. You’ve got submissions, TKOs, decisions, and even disqualifications. But the most feared and fabled method for getting the win is the holy of combat sports holies: the knockout. Land one hard punch, a vicious elbow, or a devastating kick, and it’s all over, with … Read more

Shady Things Professional Tennis Wants You To Forget

People like sports because it’s fun to get worked up about the best athletes in the world while sitting on your couch. The tribalism involved makes us feel good when our favorite team or player wins. And while the game itself is fun to watch, it’s the crazy drama that occurs around it that’s really … Read more

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